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Donorbox Affiliate Partner Program

15% Commission

Earn a 15% commission on your referral’s Donorbox fees for their first three years on Donorbox

How Does It Work?

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  • Easy sign up process
  • Get access to your exclusive affiliate dashboard

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  • Share your unique affiliate link
  • Use creatives from our curated asset library

Earn Commissions

  • Once your referrals sign up for Donorbox - earn commissions on their Donorbox fees.

We’re Committed To Your Success

Industry Leading

Industry Leading

The fundraising engine for 50,000+ nonprofits in 96 countries, Donorbox - with its ton of donor-friendly features - is the best solution for all your nonprofit audience’s needs.

Track Your Growth

Track Your Growth

Measuring your success is key! As our partner, you’ll receive access to your own dashboard to track your progress and optimize your performance.

Complete Creative Library

Complete Creative Library

You’ll have access to a curated set of up-to-date and beautiful assets designed to help you consistently convert and grow your referrals.

Professional Support

Professional Support

With access to our Affiliate Program Manager, along with our awesome support team, you’ll be equipped with the best support to scale your conversions and revenue.

Are You a Good Fit?

If you have a nonprofit audience - we want to work with you!
Whether you’re established or new to the industry - earn more by marketing your unique content.
Here are some examples of our current partners:

Nonprofit Consultants

Nonprofit Consultants

Web Designers & Developers

Web Designers & Developers

Marketers and Agencies

Marketers and Agencies

Influencers & Bloggers

Influencers & Bloggers

Los activistas de cambio global pequeños y grandes confían en nosotros

“En menos de un año, hemos agregado más de 100 donantes recurrentes a nuestra red, un aumento del 20% en donaciones”

Y a pesar de la pandemia de COVID 19, 2020 ha sido nuestro año de recaudación más exitoso. Las integraciones simples y fáciles de usar han jugado un papel importante para lograr este crecimiento. Los paneles de control de Donorbox brindan a nuestro equipo información rápida día a día sobre retención de donantes y rendimiento de la campaña. Además el panel de control facilita involucrar a todo nuestro equipo en la relación con los donantes

Peter Walle

Popular Affiliate Partner FAQs

How do I sign up for the Donorbox Affiliate Partner program?

You can sign up via the application form at this link -

After you submit the form, our team verifies your request manually. Approvals usually take 2-3 business days.

How do my clients use my affiliate referral link?

Your clients simply need to sign up for a Donorbox account using your unique referral link (e.g. ). When they click on your referral link, they will be taken to the Donorbox signup page and guided through our signup process.

We automatically detect when a customer has signed up with your link, and your account will be credited accordingly. If you wish to amend your referral link, please follow these instructions.

How and when will I receive my commissions?

Affiliate commission payouts are made in USD through PayPal - and so, please make sure to provide your current PayPal email address in your affiliate dashboard on Tapfiliate.

After you reach the minimum payout threshold of $50, we’ll pay out your commission within 10 days of receiving your client’s monthly Donorbox fees.

Can a client be retroactively added to my affiliate account?

To keep our affiliate partner program fair and reliable, we do not support retroactive or manual affiliations - since the only way to reliably track a referral is through your unique affiliate referral link. Therefore, we cannot provide commissions for clients that did not use your referral link to sign up for Donorbox.

For more details, please see our help article.

What is the affiliate commission structure?

You earn a 15% commission on your client’s Donorbox fees for their first 3 years on our platform. Essentially, you make money whenever your referred clients pay Donorbox fees. This could be when they receive donations or when they pay for additional integrations or features. Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

Note: There is a minimum payout threshold of $50.

About Donorbox Pricing
Donorbox charges a 1,75% platform fee for donations received through our platform. You can learn more about our pricing structure, including platform and optional integration fees, here.