Accept crypto donations on your embedded donation form

Grow your revenue and donor base by including crypto donations on our flagship donation form.

Donorbox is a leading crypto donations platform, making it easy for nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency donations.

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As a comprehensive crypto fundraising platform, Donorbox provides tools to manage and track your crypto donations.

Tap into a growing donor base

Crypto donations to charities have never been more popular. And with the average crypto gift at $10,455, now is the time to tap into this growing revenue stream.

Tap into a growing donor base

Diversify and boost fundraising

Donors can choose from crypto, stock or standard payments - all from your Donation Form - to make the giving experience smooth and simple.

Diversify and boost fundraising

Leverage potential tax benefits

Crypto donations provide tax advantages for donors (they pay no capital gains or state income tax), meaning that for every $10,000 given, donors can save up to $3,000 or more on taxes.

Leverage potential tax benefits

Allow complete anonymity

Crypto donations offer a completely private and anonymous option for donors to give to your organization - removing potential roadblocks and widening your donor pool.

Allow complete anonymity

How crypto donations work

Setting up your crypto donations platform with Donorbox is straightforward and efficient.

How crypto donations work
Give donors what they want
Your supporters can choose from card/wallet donations or crypto/stock donations.
Crypto giving, simplified
Now any org can accept crypto! No need for technical knowledge or advanced infrastructure.
A seamless experience
All crypto donation data is integrated with your Donorbox Account.
Multiple cryptocurrencies
Donors can choose Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others with automatic conversion to US Dollars.
Secure giving
Choosing “Crypto or Stock” pops up a separate, but highly secure form where donors can give seamlessly.
Automated tax receipts
We send your donors tax receipts automatically so you can focus on growing your organization.
How crypto donations work

Using our crypto fundraising platform, nonprofits can start accepting crypto donations within minutes.

Included with Pro and Premium Plans - for US customers only.

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How will nonprofits receive cryptocurrency donations made with Donorbox and The Giving Block integration?

Donation will be processed via Renaissance Charitable, the sponsoring charity for donor-advised fund programs. Nonprofits will receive checks for these donations.

How often will nonprofits receive their crypto donation payments?

Renaissance Charitable will send checks for your crypto donations on a monthly basis. There is a minimum donation amount of $50 required every month for them to distribute checks. If your organization doesn’t meet this criterion in a particular month, you’ll be sent a check later when your donation amount has reached $50. Additionally, nonprofits that have multiple campaigns within Donorbox will receive a consolidated check for all their crypto donations.

Will the payment checks for crypto donations from Renaissance Charitable include transaction details?

On the check, there will be a purpose line statement that includes the date range of donations included. For example “5/1/23 – 5/31/23 crypto donations via Donorbox". Along with the check, you will also receive a grant letter from Renaissance Charitable, with the same purpose line included.

Can nonprofits set up ACH payments with Renaissance Charitable?

Currently, you can only receive your payments via check. However, The Giving Block is actively working on a way to set up ACH payments with cryptocurrency donations. You’ll be notified when this option is available.

Will donors receive a donation receipt for their Crypto donation?

Yes. Your donors will receive automated receipt emails after they’re made a crypto donation. Since Renaissance Charitable is the sponsoring charity for cryptocurrency donations made through Donorbox, their information will be listed on the receipt your donor receives.

What is the crypto donation processing fee with this Donorbox integration?

The donation processing fee for crypto donations will be charged by The Giving Block at 3.95%.

Why should my nonprofit accept non-cash assets such as a cryptocurrency donation?

Some donors are inclined to optimize their tax benefits by making donations to nonprofits. By embracing donations in the form of non-cash assets, such as cryptocurrency, your nonprofit organization can attract a larger pool of donors. This approach not only expands your support base but also diversifies your sources of income. Additionally, crypto adoption has skyrocketed over the past decade, particularly with millennials, and has become a popular way for younger donors to support causes they care about.

Are crypto donations tax-deductible?

Yes, in most cases, donating crypto allows for the same write off as a cash gift.

Can I donate anonymously and still get a tax receipt?

Yes, there is an option for donors to submit only an email address in order to receive an automatic donation receipt that can be used for tax filing purposes.

How do I make a crypto donation?

You’ll need a digital wallet that supports the specific cryptocurrency you wish to donate. You can then transfer the desired amount of crypto to the provided wallet address of the nonprofit or organization you want to support.

Which cryptocurrencies are accepted for donations?

Over 200 cryptocurrencies are accepted for donation, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Avalanche, Polygon, PAX Gold, Samoyedcoin, Tether, Galxe, and many more.

Can I remain anonymous when making a crypto donation?

Crypto transactions are recorded on the blockchain without revealing personal information. However, some organizations who accept crypto donations may require donor information for compliance purposes.

Can I donate fractional amounts of cryptocurrency?

Yes, cryptocurrencies are highly divisible. You can specify the exact amount you wish to donate, even if it's a fraction of a whole unit.