Donorbox + Planning Center

Natively sync your church donation data from Donorbox with Planning Center - empowering you with key data and insights to grow your church giving.

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Donorbox + Planning Center

The Donorbox + Planning Center Partnership

Combine Donorbox’s unparalleled donation-boosting software with Planning Center’s ability to organize information, communicate with your team, and connect your congregation.

Natively sync data

Natively sync data

Enjoy automatic, real-time synchronization, ensuring that all information is up to date across platforms.

Eliminate manual work

Eliminate manual work

Centralizing your data and automate manual tasks like sending giving statements, compiling reports & more.

Boost church giving

Boost church giving

Use Donorbox’s impressive selection of tools to increase consistent tithing and simplify the giving experience church-wide.

Connect Donorbox and Planning Center

Click to see each step that needs to be taken to connect Donorbox + Planning Center, and take a deep dive into what our partnership can do for you.

Connect Donorbox and Planning Center


To activate the Donorbox + Planning Center integration, you’ll need an active Planning Center account and at least one Donorbox campaign.

Donorbox + Planning Center


You may cancel the add-on at any time, with add-on fees pro-rated for the month ahead.


What is Planning Center?

Planning Center is a church management system designed to help churches manage various aspects of their operations. It provides tools to coordinate events, manage memberships, organize church information, and foster connections with congregants.

How can Planning Center benefit my church?

Planning Center offers a suite of modular tools that work together to help you manage church activities, streamline administrative tasks, and establish deeper connections with your congregation. It's designed to adapt and grow with your church's needs.

What tools are included in Planning Center?

Planning Center offers a range of tools that can be added based on your church's requirements:

  • Calendar
  • Check-ins (for child and volunteer attendance)
  • Giving
  • Groups
  • Publishing (web and app content)
  • Registrations (for events)
  • Services
  • Music Stand
Is there a cost associated with Planning Center?

Planning Center offers a free plan that includes access to the People tool for membership management. Additional tools have associated costs, with pricing increasing incrementally based on your selection. Learn more about pricing on the Planning Center website.

How does the Donorbox + Planning Center integration work?

The integration allows seamless data flow between Donorbox and Planning Center. Donorbox's fundraising features, including customizable donation forms, recurring donations, and event ticketing, work in tandem with Planning Center's management tools. Donor, campaign, and donation data collected through Donorbox is automatically transferred to your Planning Center account.

What data is transferred through the integration?

Once the integration is set up, data flows from Donorbox to Planning Center, including:

  • Donorbox supporters, transferred to Contacts/People on Planning Center
  • Donorbox donations, flowing into Giving tools on Planning Center
  • Donorbox campaigns, transferred to Funds on Planning Center

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