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Easily combine the power of fundraising with eCommerce to reach your supporters in a new way.

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Donorbox + Shopify

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an innovative eCommerce platform that organizations across several industries - including nonprofits - use to organize, market, and sell products online. Products range from books to t-shirts and beyond, and Shopify makes it easy to bring in revenue.

What is Shopify?

Use Donorbox + Shopify to:

  • Collect donations and sell products within the same platform.
  • Share supporter data from Donorbox as customer data in Shopify.
  • Manage and distribute gifts you’d like to give for donations, memberships, and event ticket purchases.
  • Promote your organization with email marketing, Facebook ads, and more.
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How to integrate Donorbox + Shopify

If you’d like to flow donor data between Donorbox and Shopify, you’ll need to integrate through Zapier.

Once you have the Zapier add-on activated in your Donorbox account, you’ll simply create and customize your Shopify Zap to start sending information to the eCommerce platform.

If you’re looking to embed your custom Donorbox giving form within your Shopify store, enabling you to accept donations and product purchases on the same platform, take these steps:

Create a Donorbox Campaign

If you haven’t already, start a campaign and build your donation form in your Donorbox account.

Create a Donorbox Campaign

Get Started with Shopify

Choose your plan and start building your online retail store.

Get Started with Shopify

Add an HTML Section to your Shop

In your Shopify account navigation, click ‘Add section’ under ‘Sections’. Add ‘Custom content’ and then select ‘Add content’ and ‘Custom HTML’

Add an HTML Section to your Shop

Get the Embed Form Code

Find your desired campaign in Donorbox and click the form integrations button - </>. Then, select the ‘Embed Form’ option and copy the script that is provided.

Get the Embed Form Code

Add the Code to Shopify

Paste the copied script into the ‘HTML’ box on Shopify. Hit ‘save’ and you’re ready to start accepting donations on Shopify!

Add the Code to Shopify

How to integrate Donorbox + Zapier

Need to start by integrating Donorbox with Zapier? Follow the steps in the short video below or read through these detailed instructions on Zapier.


To fully utilize the Donorbox + Shopify integration, you’ll need to activate the Zapier Integration add-on in your Donorbox dashboard for a monthly fee. In addition, you will be required to have an active Shopify account and at least one Donorbox campaign before completing the integration.

Note that you will not need to activate the Zapier integration if you wish to simply embed your Donorbox giving form or button in your Shopify store.

Zapier add-on


The Zapier add-on allows you to connect Shopify and Donorbox. Learn more about Zapier.

Shopify offers several plans and nonprofit pricing to fit your needs. Learn more about Shopify pricing plans.

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Donorbox Premium

The Zapier Integration can be included in your customized Premium plan, based on your needs. Learn more about Premium perks.

Shopify fees are not included in Premium.

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Additional Resources

Need ideas on what you could sell in an eCommerce store like Shopify to support your nonprofit, or how to get started? Here are a few free resources to spark your creativity!

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